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Rules on Múlaþing Cultural Grants 2023

Article 1 Purpose

The Múlaþing executive board shall advertise grants for cultural activities and allocate them according to these Rules. The amount to be appropriated shall be determined in the municipal budget.

Article 2 Grant allocations

Múlaþing provides cultural grants to individuals, groups, businesses, institutions, and social organisations concerning general art activities and projects. For each year, the municipal executive board may decide on specific allocation priorities, but these must be stated in the advertisement. Grants shall always be paid during the year in which they are allocated and may not be transferred between years except by special agreement.

No grant may amount to more than 50% of a project's total cost.

A project is not considered finished until a final report is handed in.

When advertising an event, the grant recipient shall indicate having received a grant from Múlaþing.

Article 3 Project grants

Grant applications for cultural projects must be submitted on specially provided forms where the following points appear, among others:

  • description of the project and its significance for cultural life
  • project plan and schedule for carrying it out
  • project budget and financing
  • the amount of money applied for

No grants are provided for educational courses, operational costs or building maintenance.

To encourage cultural life in the municipality, the Múlaþing executive council shall advertise cultural activities grants twice a year. For 2023, the first allocations will be advertised no later than 16 November 2022, and to be awarded no later than the end of January 2023.

The second allocations shall be advertised no later than 15 August 2023 and should be awarded by 1 October 2023.

In particular instances, Múlaþing may make long-term agreements with individuals, organisations, cultural bodies or artistic groups which have proved their value for the municipality's cultural life or can demonstrate the significance of their activities.

Article 4 Evaluating the applications

The following shall be considered when evaluating the applications:

  • How the project/operations enrich Múlaþings cultural life and how the funds will serve to that end.
  • How realistic it is to implement the project and how probable that it will be implemented.
  • The quality, preparation and presentation of the application; the applicant's vision and professional approach.
  • That allocations reflect breadth, innovation and progressiveness, as well as renewal among the recipients.
  • That the application is accompanied by a financial statement or summary for the last business year and a budget for the coming year (as applicable).
  • If an applicant has received a cultural grant at a previous instance they must have turned in a final report for a previous project.

The Múlaþing executive board reserves the right to reject applications.

Grant applicants must either be connected to Múlaþing by residence, or the event must occur in Múlaþing or involve the promotion of the municipality's cultural activities.

According to Article 21 of the Administrative Procedures Act, no reasons must be given for decisions on grant allocations in the field of arts and culture.

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